Field Sales Engineers Are A Breed Of Their Own - Always Looking For Ways To Close A Deal

Field Sales engineers are a breed of their own - always busy, always looking to close a deal, always search for new opportunities. I was out on the road myself years ago, although that was before we had LinkedIn, before we have PC's and the internet, in fact it was before the M40 was built!

Whether you are looking for a Business Development Manager who is comfortable prospecting for new business, or a UK Field Sales Engineer who has already built relationships in his sector, or maybe a Sales Manager who can build and motive a team - I can help your company find the candidates you need.

Finding people who possess the skills to close a deal and negotiate effectively can be difficult, but with over 25 years of experience recruiting sales engineers, I know exactly what attributes to look for. With my expertise, I can save you time and money, while delivering the perfect candidate for your company.

If you are looking for a new Internal or External Sales engineer get in touch today or visit for more information.